Guest Announcement


We’re very pleased to announce that JASON HAIGH-ELLERY, founder of BIG FINISH PRODUCTIONS, will be making a return appearance at WHOlanta this May! Jason first visited us in 2016. Since its inception in 1998, Big Finish has grown to be the largest independent producer of Audio Drama in the world, working regularly with media corporations such as the BBC, MGM and ABC on Doctor Who, Torchwood, Stargate, Survivors, The Prisoner, and on original series such as Graceless and The Confessions of Dorian Grey. His animation studio, Planet 55 Studios, produced two Doctor Who animated features (“The Moonbase” and “The Tenth Planet”). Jason has an extensive in television, film and theatre (he’s produced 33 stage productions in West End and on tours throughout the UK). Find out more about Jason Haigh-Ellery on our Guests page.


WHOlanta on SYFYWire


WHOlanta (and our lovely Atlanta neighbors 221B Con) got featured in a January 10 article on SYFY Wire about local fan-run cons, along with a few other smaller cons around the country. You can check out the article here. Thanks to Kristina Manente from SYFY for inviting us to be part of this excellent article.



If you’ve been watching the current season of Doctor Who, or you’ve been to the cinema to see Bohemian Rhapsody, then you’ve seen the most recent work of our new guest, ROBERT ALLSOPP. Robert began working on Doctor Who all the way back in 1987 and is still actively involved today, working heavily on Series 11 with Jodie Whittaker. ThijariansHis most recent work was seen in the November 11 episode “The Demons of the Punjab” — Robert created the costumes for the Thijarians. You’ve seen his work in countless films, including Gladiator, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, Florence Foster Jenkins, Robin Hood, and many more. If Rami Malek looked convincing in Bohemian Rhapsody, it’s largely due to Robert’s work of recreating all of Freddie Mercury’s onstage costumes for the film. To learn more about Robert Allsopp and all of our other guests, please visit the Guests page.

WHOlanta 2019 Memberships & WHO-tel Links Live

Wholanta 2018

WHOlanta 2019 links are now live!

2019 Weekend Memberships are $45 but if you use the code “JODIE,” you’ll save $5 off for a limited time!

Buy your memberships here:

Our WHO-tel room booking is also live!

Room rates are $106 a night plus taxes and fees. Onsite parking is deeply discounted to $5 per night. Book below. No deposit if you put a credit card on file.


Guest-JonDaveyCollageLet’s kick off our 2019 announcements with a bang! We’re excited to have Doctor Who’s go-to guy for monsters and aliens, JON DAVEY, joining us next year! Jon has been a mainstay on Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Class ever since his first time stomping metal boots in the 2006 episode “Rise of the Cybermen.” Since then, he’s been Daleks, Cybermen (he played the super-creepy headless & armless Cyberman in “The Pandorica Opens”), Judoon Captains, Ood, a Dream Crab, Heavenly Host, a Whisperman, a Shadowkin, a Mire Warrior, and numerous UNIT soldiers, plus many others. He’s worked on many other shows and films and has produced around 50 music videos.

Jon will give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the on-screen magic is created in a special presentation on our Main Stage, and he has something really special in store for you in our Cabaret as well! Jon will be signing autographs and will be available for portraits with attendees. We’re very excited to welcome Jon to WHOlanta for the first time, and we’ll have more Guest announcements in the coming months.

For more info, visit our Guests page.

Thanks for another great year!

31958426_10102839115376949_8621848638550704128_nAnd that’s a wrap on WHOlanta 2018!!! We had a great time and really hope you enjoyed it too! To our longtime friends and the new faces who turned out this year, we want to thank you for coming together to discuss one of our favorite loves in life – Doctor Who.

With that said, let’s have a heart to heart. We’ve been doing this con since 2005 when it was just a 1 day event in an Elks Lodge in Tucker, GA. It takes a lot of work to put these things together and we love doing it for you guys each and every year. And that’s still going to be the case next year! We’ll be right back at the Hilton Atlanta Airport on May 3-5, 2019.

For 2020 and beyond? Well, we can’t really say right now. This convention has been part of our lives for so many years now that it’s very difficult to give up. But at least for 2020, we’re going to take a little break. We all want to pursue different endeavors where running a convention is hard to juggle with other things.

So brave heart, Tegen. Next year is going to be amazing. If it’s the last one, let’s go out in a blaze of glory. If we come back to it in a few years, we’ll call it a family reunion. Because that’s what all of you are to us.

Pre-reg will open up in a few days. In the meantime, never be cruel, and never be cowardly. And if you ever are, always make amends.

Until next year.

Susan & Alan

Paying for Parking


To pay for parking:

  1. Insert the ticket you pulled when you first got to the hotel. This should display the normal hotel day rate.
  2. Insert the ticket you got from the hotel/registration/info services. This will discount the normal day rate to $5.
  3. Pay with cash or card.

If you have any issues, reach out to the hotel directly by pushing the silver button on the lower right hand side of the machine that says “Call.”


Prepping for WHOlanta 2018

WHOlanta 2018 is right around the corner. Here are some helpful tips and some great information to know. *This may get updated if we missed anything*

  • The convention is not sold out! There are still plenty of weekend and 1 day badges available at the door.
  • Once you’ve parked and entered the hotel, head immediately to registration to pick up/buy your weekend/day membership.
    • If you park on the back side of the hotel, take the escalator up to the main lobby, walk to the front doors (but don’t go out them!) and swing a left around the concierge stand.
  • Registration opens at 4PM on Friday. The convention officially kicks off at 6PM with Opening Ceremonies.
  • Registration Hours:
    • Fri., 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    • Sat., 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
    • Sun., 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • With that said, here’s what each day costs:
    • Weekend badges are $65
    • Friday badges are $25
    • Saturday badges are $40
    • Sunday badges are $30
    • Child 6-12 Weekend badges are $20
    • Child 0-5 are free.
  • If you pre-ordered a t-shirt, these will be available for pickup at the WHOlanta store.
  • IF YOU DIDN’T PRE-ORDER your t-shirt, these will all be sold at the WHOlanta store, located right outside of the Dealers Hall in the Main Atrium.
  • WHOlanta store hours are below:
    • Fri., 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
    • Sat., 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM
    • Sun., 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Autograph or photographs can be purchased at the WHOlanta store. Look at the times available for each session (either via the app or the poster on the wall)
    • When it’s time for your autograph, head to the back of the Dealers Room.
    • When it’s time for you photo op, head to the Alltoona room.
    • There are no assigned times to choose from this year for autographs and photographs. You are free to choose whatever time works for you based on the schedule that’s posted (i.e. so if Louise is signing at noon on both Saturday and Sunday, you can go to either one).
  • The photos from the photo session will be printed on site. Give a few hours after your session to pick up your photos. This should give you plenty of time if you wanted your photo autographed.
  • Speaking of photos, our photographer this year is Nikki Rau-Baker from Geek Behind the Lens. In addition to taking your photo with the guest, Nikki is also offering cosplay photo shoots.
    • Cosplay photos are $15 per session – this will include 4-6 shutter clicks per session to give the attendee a variety of poses to choose from. One pose will be chosen, edited, and printed.
    • Sessions are limited to 3 people for best quality of poses.
    • The $15 price includes one (1) 8×10 print
    • Additional prints may be purchased for $10 for first print, $7 for any print after that.
    • High-res JPG can be added on for $10
    • Payment can be made via cash or credit
  • Dealers Room hours:
    • Fri., 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    • Sat., 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
    • Sun., 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Need to know where something is? Need to see a giant schedule? Need help with anything? Stop by Information Services.
    • Fri., 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    • Sat., 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM
    • Sun., 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • The Immortal & VIP reception will take place in Main Programming and allows you to rub elbows with this year’s guests. This takes place at 7 PM on Friday with Immortals gaining early access at 7:30 PM. We still have some tickets available, so if you want to attend, you can buy your ticket at the WHOlanta store.
    • No flash photography is allowed at the reception.
    • A group photo will be taken near the end of the reception and will be emailed to all attendees.
  • The Hilton Atlanta Airport is sold out of the WHOlanta room block. You can call the hotel to see if there are any rooms available at the full rate.
  • There is a parking fee at this hotel. Normally the day rate is $19. WHOlanta attendees pay $5 a day for parking.
  • Are you:
    • Staying at the hotel?
      If so, the $5 rate will be applied to your room bill. Just let the front desk know you have a car onsite and that you are with the convention. Because you are staying at the hotel, you will have unlimited in and out privileges.
    • Driving to the hotel daily?If so, grab your parking ticket and park as you normally would. Sometime during the day, grab a ticket voucher from either the Concierge stand, Registration, or Information Services. When you leave the con, drive up to the exit gate. FIRST insert your parking ticket you got when you arrived. THEN insert the discount parking voucher you got at the con. This will take the cost to $5. From there, pay with either cash or credit card. NOTE: You do not have in and out privileges. If you leave for dinner and come back, you’ll have to pay $5 each time you leave (meaning grabbing 2 ticket vouchers). If you are driving all 3 days to the con, you will need to get a voucher each day.
  • There will be program books available at registration. There will also be a digital copy linked to the app.
  • There’s an app for your mobile device! It’s available in the Gather App in the Apple App Store and in Google Play (search “Gather Growtix”. This is where the most up to date schedule will be. Updates will be available throughout the entire weekend.
    • Note the app is designed to work with the most recent updates on your phone so make sure you’re running the most current or near current software. I can’t promise the app will work on your iPhone 2.
  • The schedule will be printed out and on display at the Information Services desk. Any updates to the schedule will be posted there.
  • Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all weekend. Also share your photos with us during and after the con.
    • Use #WHOlanta2018 whenever you reference us on social media!
    • Make sure you’re following us on Twitter because we may live stream some of the con!
  • We will have a WHOlanta Facebook Frame that you can use on your profile photo. You can also take a photo with your camera with this same frame. More info coming soon.
  • We do have a Kids Track that has programming scheduled on Saturday and Sunday. Definitely go check them out. They’ve got some fun stuff planned!
  • WHOlanta has a ConSuite. What does that mean? If you are feeling peckish and don’t want to leave the hotel for a snack, visit room 1502 and grab a quick bite. Hotel Rules: The hotel does not want any food from the con suite on the first floor. They’re being extremely gracious by letting us have a con suite, so let’s not push our luck with the hotel.
  • The hotel has a 24 hour Grab n Go area by the front desk.
  • The hotel will also have grab and go meals in the main atrium in case you don’t have time between panels to have a sit down meal.
    • Saturday – They will have breakfast, lunch, and dinner available for purchase.
    • Sunday – They will have breakfast and lunch available.
  • There will be a cash bar in the atrium.
  • Have a question? Head to Information Services. They’re located right off the main hallway on your way to the two video rooms. Can’t miss ’em.
  • The Masquerade and Cabaret are both on Saturday this year.
    • Sign up sheets for the Masquerade are available online
    • The Cabaret & Masquerade is on Saturday night. Like always, admission to the cabaret is $5 and all proceeds go to charity. This event is rated PG but we can’t always control the actors so a bad word may slip out every once in a while.
  • Our dance this year is in the Main Atrium
    • Cosplay encouraged but dress in what makes you comfortable (not that comfortable though.)
    • Open to all ages. Those under 12 need a parent or guardian.
  • There is a wrap up panel on Sunday at 6. Tell us how we did. Shower me with praise. We’ll also raffle off some prizes.
  • Remember to have fun. This is going to be a great con and we are so excited for everything planned this weekend!

Louise Autographs and Photographs


  • Autographs – $35
  • Photo Op – $35
  • Photo Op + Digital – $45

To purchase an autograph or a photo op, visit the WHOlanta store and buy a ticket, located right outside the Dealers Room in the Main Atrium. Once you purchase your ticket, find a scheduled photo op or autograph session time and go to it.

  • Autographs will be in the back of the Dealers Room
  • Photo Ops will take place in Allatoona.
    • Photo ops will be printed onsite within a few hours of your session.
Saturday Location
10:00 AM Autographs Dealers Room
11:00 AM Photo Ops Allatoona
12:00 PM Louse Jameson Q&A Main Programming
2:00 PM Autographs Dealers Room
3:00 PM Photo Ops Allatoona
4:00 PM Autographs Dealers Room
5:00 PM Autographs Dealers Room

Sunday Location
10:00 AM Autographs Dealers Room
11:00 AM Photo Ops Allatoona
12:00 PM Louise Jameson Q&A Main Programming
2:00 PM Autographs Dealers Room
3:00 PM Autographs Dealers Room

New Store Items!


We have two new, limited edition items for sale at the WHOlanta store this year.

Item #1 is a WHOlanta tote bag. These are limited to 100 pieces and will be $3.








Item #2 is a WHOlanta pin. This year’s pin features the WHOlanta logo inside the TARDIS. These are also limited to 100 pieces and will be $8 at the WHOlanta store.

Both items will be limited to 2 per person on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, buy as many as you want.