Happy Anniversary to New Who and WHOlanta!


March 26, 2005 not only gave birth to the modern series of Doctor Who but also to our humble little convention! Thank you all for supporting us over the past 12 years! We hope to continue bringing you great programming for many more. Come celebrate with us on May 5 – 7, and remember – one of our guests, Camille Coduri, was there at the very beginning of the new series! She’ll have lots of great stories to tell about that time. See you at WHOlanta 2017!

Guest Update: Nicola Bryant


For the first time ever, WHOlanta brings you a Doctor and Companion together! Joining Sixth Doctor Colin Baker is the actress who played his first and longest-running companion, NICOLA BRYANT! Nicola was cast as Peri in 1984, co-starring with Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor, and stayed on with Colin for the following season and a half. In addition to Doctor Who, she has been a mainstay on television screens and theater stages, appearing in Casualty, Holby City, Doctors, The Biz, The 10 Percenters, Killing Jessica, Don’t Look Now, and many other productions. Nicola joins our already great line-up of Colin Baker (Sixth Doctor), Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler), Jamie Mathieson (scriptwriter, Series 8, 9 and 10), Kelly Yates (Doctor Who comics artist), Mark Maddox (Doctor Who Magazine cover artist) and many more. Visit the Guests page to read up on fantastic guests.

Guest Update: Camille Coduri


We’re thrilled to finally be able to announce that WHOlanta 2017 will be welcoming CAMILLE CODURI to Atlanta for the very first time! You’ll recognize her, of course, from her very popular turn as Jackie Tyler, Rose’s mum, in the Eccleston and Tennant years of Doctor Who. This will be Ms. Coduri’s first-ever convention appearance in Georgia and possibly even the Southeast. Ms. Coduri will be available to sign autographs and for portraits with fans. She joins our other guests Colin Baker, Jamie Mathieson, Kelly Yates and many more. Check out all of our other guests by visiting the Guests page.

Guest Update: PixelWho


We’re very pleased to welcome back to WHOlanta PixelWho! Now in its 7th year, PixelWho is focused on creating a complete visual character dictionary and episode guide for Doctor Who fans, in limited edition 8-bit style art prints. The goal is to document every major and incidental character in story order from every Doctor as a way to celebrate the creativity and dedication of all the artists who have worked on the program over the past 50 years. Also, PixelWho is providing pixelated backgrounds, characters, and designs for a special multi-level storyline in the official BBC Facebook and mobile app game, Doctor Who: Legacy, called “Bigger on the Inside.” Welcome back  Nathan and Ly! For more information about PixelWho and all of our fabulous guests, visit the Guests page.

Guest Update: Kelly Yates


We’re very pleased to announce that comic book artist Kelly Yates is returning to WHOlanta after a three-year absence! Kelly is an incredibly talented artist and creator as well as being a pretty amazing gentleman. He is best known for his work on IDW’s and Titan’s Doctor Who comic books, especially Doctor Who: The Forgotten and Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time. He is the creator and artist of Amber Atoms and MonstHer. When Kelly is not on panels, he’ll be at his table selling prints of his work; drop by, say hello, and pick up some art for your wall! To read more about Kelly and all our other guests, visit our Guests page!

Guest Update: Cancellation


It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Louise Jameson has had to cancel her appearance at WHOlanta 2017. She just signed on to a play that runs from April through June. She extends her disappointment to our audience and asked (twice!) that we keep her in mind and invite her back another time (which, of course, we will!). But never fear – we will have new guest announcements hopefully very soon, one we’ve been working on for the past month and a half already. WHOlanta 2017 is still going to be an amazing weekend!

Christmas Special Screening with WHOlanta


If you get tired of spending time with the family (or if you want, you can bring them too!), WHOlanta will be at Regal Cinemas Hollywood 24 @ North I-85 for a screening of the Doctor Who Christmas Special on Tuesday, December 27th. Trivia and prize giveaways will be at 6:30PM and the showing begins at 7PM. Hope to see you guys there!

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