It took a little time, but at long last, we’re able to announce our dates and venue for our 2018 convention!

In 2017 we changed from our long-held Memorial Day weekend dates to the first weekend in May. We’ll be staying with that for the coming year as well. WHOlanta 2018 will be May 4 – 6, 2018. Admission is currently $45 for a full weekend badge, and you can get that on our Membership page.

However, we will be moving to a new hotel–specifically the beautiful Hilton Atlanta Airport. In the words of Stefon, “This place has everything!” We have an amazing amount of function space, there are lots of great food options on site plus other ones nearby, and it’s very easy to access from MARTA and from the airport. Plus, the function space is undergoing a huge renovation so the already gorgeous space is going to look even more amazing for us. You can get more info and photos on our Hotel page.

We hope you’ll be joining us for this next chapter in our history!


Group Edit 1Thank you to everyone who attended WHOlanta in 2017 and made it such an amazing experience! Thanks especially to Colin Baker, Nicola Bryant, Camille Coduri, Jamie Mathieson, Louis Robinson, Kelly Yates, Moxie Magnus and all our other fabulous guests for being such wonderful people and being so friendly and generous with our audience. And now we make plans for 2018!

We have some details that we need to attend to before we can start making announcements about our 2018 convention, but we’re working hard on it so it won’t be too much longer! Stay tuned to our website, our Facebook page and group, our Twitter feed, and our monthly-ish newsletter to make sure you see announcements as they come!

Thanks again! We’ll see you in 2018!

That’s a wrap! Submit reviews now

That’s it! WHOlanta 2017 is now over! And it was a blast! I hope all you guys had fun and created some wonderful memories

Let us know how we did! Submit your panel reviews now: Panel Review Form

Review every aspect of the con here, from the tracks to the hotel to the guests: Overall Convention Review Form

Your feedback is extremely important to us as we read every review and will make changes for the overall betterment of the convention!

Preparing for WHOlanta 2017 (FAQs)

WHOlanta 2017 is right around the corner. Here are some helpful tips and some great information to know. *This may get updated if we missed anything*

  • The convention is not sold out! There are still plenty of weekend and 1 day badges available at the door.
  • Once you’ve parked and entered the hotel, head immediately to registration to pick up/buy your weekend/day membership.
  • Registration opens at 4PM on Friday. 2PM for Press. The convention officially kicks off at 6PM with Opening Ceremonies.
  • With that said, here’s what each day costs:
    • Weekend badges are $65
    • Friday badges are $25
    • Saturday badges are $40
    • Sunday badges are $30
  • If you pre-ordered a t-shirt, these will be available for pickup at the WHOlanta store.
  • IF YOU DIDN’T PRE-ORDER your t-shirt, autograph ticket, or photograph ticket. these will all be sold at the WHOlanta store, located right outside Main Programming.
  • If you pre-ordered your autograph or photographs, pick up your tickets at the WHOlanta store. When it’s time for your autograph or photograph session, head to the Centennial D.
    • There are no assigned times to choose from this year for autographs and photographs. You are free to choose whatever time works for you based on the schedule that’s posted (i.e. so if Colin Baker is signing at noon on both Saturday and Sunday, you can go to either one).
  • The photos from the photo session will be printed on site. Give a few hours after your session to pick up your photos. This should give you plenty of time to have the guest sign your photo.
  • Are you a WHOlanta Immortal Member or VIP member? Then you get front row (or priority) seating at all panels in Main Programming (must be seated within the first 5 minutes of the panel starting. After that, it’s fair game to anyone).
  • The Immortal & VIP reception will take place in Main Programming and allows you to rub elbows with this year’s guests. This takes place at 7 PM on Friday. We still have some tickets available, so if you want to attend, you can buy your ticket at the WHOlanta store.
    • No flash photography is allowed at the reception.
    • A group photo will be taken near the end of the reception and will be emailed to all attendees.
  • The Marriott Century Center is sold out of the WHOlanta room block. You can call the hotel to see if there are any rooms available at the full rate. There are also neighboring hotels. Visit the hotel page of the website for more information.
  • The hotel has quiet hours starting at 10 PM in the main lobby, so try and keep it down.
  • There is free onsite parking for the con. If the lot fills up, overflow parking is available across the street at the office complex.
  • There will be program books available at registration. There will also be a digital copy linked to the app.
  • There’s an app! It’s available in the Gather App in the Apple App Store and in Google Play. This is where the most up to date schedule will be. Updates will be available throughout the entire weekend.
  • The schedule will be printed out and on display at the Information Services desk. Any updates to the schedule will be posted there.
  • Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all weekend. Also share your photos with us during and after the con.
    • Use #WHOlanta2017 whenever you reference us on social media!
    • Use #BringingSixieBack when you post a photo with Colin!
    • Make sure you’re following us on Twitter because we may live stream some of the con!
  • We do have a Kids Track that has programming schedule throughout the weekend. Definitely go check them out. They’ve got some fun stuff planned!
  • WHOlanta has a ConSuite. What does that mean? If you are feeling peckish and don’t want to leave the hotel for a snack, visit room 1508 and the Magnolia room and grab a quick bite. Hotel Rules: The hotel does not want any food from the con suite on the first floor. They’re being extremely gracious by letting us have a con suite, so let’s not push our luck with the hotel.
  • The hotel restaurant will be selling Grab n Go lunches in case you don’t have time between panels to have a sit down meal. This is scheduled from 11:30-3:30 on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Have a question? Head to Information Services. They’re located right off the main hallway on your way to the two video rooms. Can’t miss ’em.
  • The Masquerade and Cabaret are both on Saturday this year and are one event.
    • Sign up sheets for the Masquerade are available at the Information Services desk.
    • The Cabaret & Masquerade is on Saturday night. Like always, admission to the cabaret is $5 and all proceeds go to charity. This event is rated PG but we can’t always control the actors so a bad word may slip out every once in a while. 
  • This year’s concert is a local David Bowie tribute band and that’s happening on Friday night!
  • Gallifrey Game Night on Saturday night is for the 21 and older crowd (sorry kiddos):
    • Gallifrey Game Night – Similar to Hollywood game night, but on Gallifrey – and with our celebrity guests.
  • Our dance this year is the “Dance on the Orient Express,” inspired by Jamie Mathieson’s episode “Mummy on the Orient Express.”
    • It starts at 10:30 ish on Saturday (ish depending on the hotel rearranging the room on time).
    • Open to all ages. Those under 12 need a parent or guardian.
    • We’re encouraging 1920’s dress but cosplay or regular clothes works too!
  • There is a wrap up panel on Sunday at 6. Tell us how we did. Shower me with praise. There will also be a few announcements that you’ll be the first to hear!
  • Remember to have fun. This is going to be a great con and we are so excited for everything planned this weekend!

Dance on the Orient Express

Dance on the Orient Express

Join us on Saturday night after the new Doctor Who episode for the Dance on the Orient Express. Inspired by screenwriter Jamie Mathieson’s Mummy on the Orient Express episode, come in your dapperest 1920’s attire and dance the night away. . . or just come in cosplay. . . or just make sure you’re wearing clothes. Regardless, it’s going to be a great few hours hanging out with your friends while listening to a variety of current and classic hits! Dance if the mood hits you!

Dance on the Orient Express
Saturday, May 6th, 2017
10:30 PM-ish

Say “Hello” to this year’s dealers!

We’ve got a full, sold out dealers room this year and I can already tell that I’ll be poor(er) when I buy everything! Here’s a breakdown of who’s coming:

Big Finish

Rubbertoe Replicas
Doctor Who Replica props from the show’s propmaster, Nick Robatto

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey
Doctor Who Props and merchanside

The Corner Shop
Finest selection of British foods and gifts

Half Price Books
A little bit of everything at the best price possible!

Mel’s MakeBelieve
Original one of a kind steampunk home decor and jewelry.

Doug McKittrick
Author of Wolf 359 series

Starbase Atlanta
T-shirts, pins, badges, huge fandom variety

The Mana Pool Bazaar
Handmade stone coasters, jewelry, jean jackets/vests and keychains.

Posh Geekery
Fandom clocks made from vinyl records, handmade infinity scarves, keychains, rearview mirror charms, jewelry and other accessories.

Sickly Sweet Style
Geeky fiber crafts including monster bunnies, embroidered towels, cat toys, dog clothes

These Are Days
Jewelry, paper goods, greeting cards

Hungry For More Games
Gaming publisher of “Steal The Show!”

My Faerietale
Character sculptures, jewelry, art prints

R Kyle Hannah
Author of Time Assassins series

TJ Morris
Author of The Cathedral

Etch Mage
Etched glassware

Doctor Who-themed Caricature Artist

QBE Designs
Bag tags, hooded towels, bags and quilts

Daniel French Art and Leather
Leather goods and print art

Markmak’s Toys & Collectibles
Doctor Who Titan figures, character building figures

Handmade coats

Fantastic Vision
Custom phone covers, jewelry

Ms Tilley’s Treasures
Jewelry, trinkets, sci-fi stuff

Dimitri Paints

Blackbird Finery
Vintage gentleman’s accessories

Komai’s Oh My
Keychains, mugs, totes, wooden TARDIS

Symmetrical Universe

Sakura Sisters
Arts and homemade crafts

Dr Mike’s Shaving Emporium
Shaving supplies

How to get to WHOlanta (and avoid the part of I-85 where the bridge collapsed)


If you haven’t heard by now, a major artery of the city has been struck a major blow – mainly the I-85 bridge that goes over Piedmont Road is gone. While GA DOT is working feverishly to rebuild the bridge, unfortunately it will not reopen in time for the convention. The collapsed bridge is 6.1 miles away from our hotel (the closed road is indicated in red and covered in Daleks on the map). So while it closes one way of getting to our convention, there are plenty of other ways to get to us. Don’t let it discourage you.

Keep In Mind:
I-285 runs in a circle around the entire city. In most cases, this is your best chance to bypass any construction inside of the city. Once you hit the 85 South exit on I-285 (a place we like to call Spaghetti Junction), you can take I-85S all the way to our the hotel (either via the Shallowford Road exit to the access road or via Clairmont Road). Also remember that I-285 will see increased car volume due to being the best bypass around the city. Best to have patience and plan accordingly.

From South of the city (including the airport):
I-285 will take you around the city and will be your best route to get there. From there, you can take 85 South to the hotel. You can also take 75N through the city (depending on time of day) and then hop onto I-285 to 85 South.

From North of the city:
Your commute should not be affected (aside from a higher volume of cars on the road). Again, I-285 to I-85 South will work. You can also attempt taking 400 South to I-85 North but there will be a bottleneck and possible backups as all traffic is rerouted to either exit at Sidney Marcus Blvd. or onto 85 North (which is only one lane).

From East of the city:
Take I-285 to I-85 South. You were probably already doing this already unless you really wanted to see the city, then you’d take I-75/I-85 North to I-85 North (but don’t do that, the bridge is missing).

From West of the city:
Take I-285 to I-85 South (You were probably already doing this). This will take you around the city until you get to I-85 South.

Alternate Method:
If you’re coming from the airport, you can always take Marta, Atlanta’s rail system. Take the Gold line from the airport and exit at the BROOKHAVEN Station. The hotel shuttle will pick you up at the BROOKHAVEN station to take you to the hotel. You’ll have to contact the hotel to arrange pickup. More info at http://www.itsmarta.com/

You can download Waze, the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app. Just realize that you and everyone else will be using the app. www.waze.com

Any further questions or you would like to know a route to get to the hotel from your part of town, email marketing@wholanta.com and we’ll try our best to help.

More info here: AJC – How the closure will affect your commute