This year’s programming schedule can be found here




We have 9 programming tracks to keep you busy throughout the weekend:

Main – Where all the big stuff happens! Guest Q&As, the Cabaret, the Masquerade, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, etc.

Gallifrey – Where you can immerse yourself in the world of Doctor Who with panels and events on numerous topics.

British Pub – The world of British entertainment is so much bigger than just Doctor Who (shocking, I know!) and here’s where you can explore it all, from classic to modern!

OtherWorlds – British stuff not your thing? No prob, we’ve got you covered in our “everything else” track with panels ranging from Marvel movies to the latest season of Twin Peaks.

The Library – We have a lot of author guests each year and this is where you can hear them talk about their work, the industry, and sci-fi and fantasy literature in general.

The Wardrobe – Our cosplay track! If you’re a costumer, no matter your level of expertise, we’ve got something for you.

The Cinema – Our video room runs nearly round the clock with Doctor Who and lots of other features.

Kids – Our kids track has been running for nearly five years now, and it provides entertainment for our younger attendees throughout the day.

Gaming – Are you into board games? Role playing games? Card games? No matter what it is you love, we’ve got something for you!