WHOlanta: Virtual TARDIS 2020


We hear you’ve been missing WHOlanta! Well, so have we! Announcing:

WHOlanta: Virtual TARDIS 2020
Saturday, May 30
Noon – 8:00pm EST

This will be a day full of streaming events coming directly from us to you, featuring some amazing guests. We’ll be doing streaming Q&As with these folks and you’ll be able to your questions in chat. We’ll also have a comment thread dedicated to our dealers (think of it as a virtual dealer room) and one devoted to cosplay (kind of an online masquerade). We’ll be releasing more information, including further guest announcements, in the coming weeks! For now, be sure to follow us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/wholanta), which is where all events will take place, and set your calendars for May 30!



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