Guest Update!

We’re very pleased to announce that joining us at the convention in 2015 is NICK ROBATTO, prop builder on Doctor Who, Sarah Jane Adventures, and Torchwood. Nick has built props on the show ranging from the Sonic Screwdriver to Doctor’s baby carriage, from River’s diary and sonic to Dalek weaponry, from the Siege-Mode TARDIS in “Flatline” to the big bank vault door in “Time Heist”.  And, oh yeah, no big deal, he built the current TARDIS console room set. Nick will be doing a Q&A on Saturday overviewing his massive work on the show,  and on Sunday will be doing a session detailing the design and build process on the TARDIS set. Nick will also be in our dealers room selling officially BBC-licensed prop replicas.

For more information on Nick and all our other guests, please visit our Guests page.If you’d like to be considered for Guest status at TimeGate 2015, please email Alan.