Guest-JonDaveyCollageLet’s kick off our 2019 announcements with a bang! We’re excited to have Doctor Who’s go-to guy for monsters and aliens, JON DAVEY, joining us next year! Jon has been a mainstay on Doctor Who, Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Class ever since his first time stomping metal boots in the 2006 episode “Rise of the Cybermen.” Since then, he’s been Daleks, Cybermen (he played the super-creepy headless & armless Cyberman in “The Pandorica Opens”), Judoon Captains, Ood, a Dream Crab, Heavenly Host, a Whisperman, a Shadowkin, a Mire Warrior, and numerous UNIT soldiers, plus many others. He’s worked on many other shows and films and has produced around 50 music videos.

Jon will give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how the on-screen magic is created in a special presentation on our Main Stage, and he has something really special in store for you in our Cabaret as well! Jon will be signing autographs and will be available for portraits with attendees. We’re very excited to welcome Jon to WHOlanta for the first time, and we’ll have more Guest announcements in the coming months.

For more info, visit our Guests page.