WHOlanta App is now LIVE!!!

The WHOlanta app via Gather is now live.

The app allows you to create your own schedule as well as (hopefully) answer any questions you have while at the con. This is also the place to get the most up to date schedule info while at the con. If you enable “push notifications,” we can also send you any changes that might happen during the weekend.

Download instructions are below!

Note, while the main schedule is pretty finalized, I will be making edits to the app throughout the week, so things may change. To see changes, click the “Reload Data” button on the side menu.

One error that is know is for iOS users. The Vendors area will crash when you click on any of the vendors to see more info. This has been forwarded to GrowTix to look into. A list of vendors will be added to the “News” section to offset this inconvenience.

Also note, the app can be found in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store and should download to your mobile phone with no issues. There doesn’t appear to be an iPad version of the app, so if you want to use that, I suggest Googling “Gather Growtix” on your iPad and the search result should allow you to download a scaled down version of the app for your iPad. 

If you see an error in the app, email marketing@wholanta.com

App 2018.jpg