My how quickly 13 years fly by. . .

rose_doctor_who_eccleston_piperToday marks TWO 13th anniversaries! On this day in 2005, Doctor Who was revived on television after a long absence with the debut of “Rose” on BBC1, starring Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper. Since then, we’ve had three further Doctors and another one – the 13th – will be making her debut later this year.

Also on this day in 2005, a little one-day con called TimeGate held its very first event! Since then, the event has grown and morphed into what is now called WHOlanta, featuring the best of Doctor Who and British Programming. We haven’t yet had Christopher Eccleston or Billie Piper as guests, but who knows – maybe one day! Thank you all for joining us on this 13-year adventure! We’ve got another great con planned for you in about five weeks, May 4-6, so we hope you join us! If you’ve not bought your tickets yet or booked your hotel room, you can do so on the website now. See you in May – we’ll be celebrating our 13th Doctor in our 13th year!