Guest Announcement


We’re very pleased to announce the addition of RICHARD STARKINGS to the WHOlanta family! Richard is the Eisner Award-nominated creator/writer of Image Comics’ Elephantmen and founder of He’s been involved in Doctor Who comics since the mid-80s, when he was a writer, editor, and lettering artist on Doctor Who Magazine‘s monthly comic strip. He and his company Comicraft provide the lettering for all of Titan’s current Doctor Who comic lines, and have also worked with Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics and Image Comics. If you’ve ever read iconic titles like Batman: The Killing Joke or Batman: Hush, then you’ve seen Richard’s work.

Richard will be all around our convention, making appearances in our Main, Doctor Who, and Literary programming tracks. To learn more about Richard and our other guests, make sure you visit our Guests page!

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