How to get to WHOlanta (and avoid the part of I-85 where the bridge collapsed)


If you haven’t heard by now, a major artery of the city has been struck a major blow – mainly the I-85 bridge that goes over Piedmont Road is gone. While GA DOT is working feverishly to rebuild the bridge, unfortunately it will not reopen in time for the convention. The collapsed bridge is 6.1 miles away from our hotel (the closed road is indicated in red and covered in Daleks on the map). So while it closes one way of getting to our convention, there are plenty of other ways to get to us. Don’t let it discourage you.

Keep In Mind:
I-285 runs in a circle around the entire city. In most cases, this is your best chance to bypass any construction inside of the city. Once you hit the 85 South exit on I-285 (a place we like to call Spaghetti Junction), you can take I-85S all the way to our the hotel (either via the Shallowford Road exit to the access road or via Clairmont Road). Also remember that I-285 will see increased car volume due to being the best bypass around the city. Best to have patience and plan accordingly.

From South of the city (including the airport):
I-285 will take you around the city and will be your best route to get there. From there, you can take 85 South to the hotel. You can also take 75N through the city (depending on time of day) and then hop onto I-285 to 85 South.

From North of the city:
Your commute should not be affected (aside from a higher volume of cars on the road). Again, I-285 to I-85 South will work. You can also attempt taking 400 South to I-85 North but there will be a bottleneck and possible backups as all traffic is rerouted to either exit at Sidney Marcus Blvd. or onto 85 North (which is only one lane).

From East of the city:
Take I-285 to I-85 South. You were probably already doing this already unless you really wanted to see the city, then you’d take I-75/I-85 North to I-85 North (but don’t do that, the bridge is missing).

From West of the city:
Take I-285 to I-85 South (You were probably already doing this). This will take you around the city until you get to I-85 South.

Alternate Method:
If you’re coming from the airport, you can always take Marta, Atlanta’s rail system. Take the Gold line from the airport and exit at the BROOKHAVEN Station. The hotel shuttle will pick you up at the BROOKHAVEN station to take you to the hotel. You’ll have to contact the hotel to arrange pickup. More info at

You can download Waze, the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app. Just realize that you and everyone else will be using the app.

Any further questions or you would like to know a route to get to the hotel from your part of town, email and we’ll try our best to help.

More info here: AJC – How the closure will affect your commute