Titan Comics 12th Doctor Variant Cover – exclusive to WHOlanta

WHOlanta is happy to announce that we will have an exclusive variant cover of the next 12th Doctor issue (Year 3, Issue 2). The cover, drawn by WHOlanta guest Kelly Yates, features the 12th Doctor showing off the 6th Doctor’s technicolor coat, while a bevy of past costumes lay strewn on the TARDIS floor. In the background, a hologram of the 6th Doctor is projected, beaming brightly as to finally having a more subdued coat (the 12th Doctor’s).

The issue is only available for sale at WHOlanta and will be sold onsite at the WHOlanta store for $5. This variant has a particular print run of 500 copies, so get one before it’s too late!

DW_12D_3_2_Cover_WHOLANTA_Exclusive (1)


Titan Comics Official Website

Kelly Yates Official Site