New Guests!

guest-authorsI’ve spent most of this afternoon getting the website updated to include some of the guests that have been added over the past couple of weeks. First, we have returning favorites Lee Martindale and Kathryn Sullivan, fabulous authors with an impressive body of knowledge on many topics! If you’ve been at WHOlanta the past few years, especially around the Gallifrey and Library tracks, you’ve surely met these ladies. They both have new works coming in 2017, so you’ll hear a lot about that! Also, I’m very pleased to welcome to the WHOlanta family Kaitlin Bevis, an author from Athens, GA who writes novels of modern-day stories based on Greek mythology. She’s also a big Doctor Who fan, so you’ll be seeing her all around the convention. This is her first time at WHOlanta and I know she’s looking forward to meeting all of you! Stay tuned, there’s more announcements coming!