Doctor Who & TimeGate Celebrates 10 Years!

March 25th marks 10 years since “New” Doctor Who aired on TV. Longtime fans and newcomers alike were introduced to Christopher Eccleston’s 9th Doctor and his companion, Rose Tyler, in the episode “Rose.”

Not only was March 25th a big day for Whovians in general, it was also the very first TimeGate Convention. Back then, TimeGate was a one day convention devoted to Doctor Who and Stargate. Before moving to the Holiday Inn off Chamblee-Dunwoody, the event was held at the Northlake Elks Lodge (pictured).

From all the staff at TimeGate, we’d like to wish Doctor Who a very happy 10th birthday! We also hope that Timegate is one of your favorite conventions and we promise to make your con the best it can be every year!