TimeGate at Anachrocon

AnachroConLogolWe’ll be running a full-weekend Doctor Who track at Anachrocon this weekend! We’ve got a lot of great things planned. Panels on topics like “Everything I Know About History I Learned From Doctor Who,” “Monsters: What Works, What Doesn’t?,” “New Series 10th Anniversary,” “The Morality of the Doctor,” “What the Master Teaches Us About Gender,” plus an introductory session called “Doctor Who: A Beginner’s Guide to All of Time and Space.” We’re also co-hosting a panel with the Classic Sci-Fi track called “Time Warped”, which looks at time travel in many different shows and movies. We’ll be showing lots of classic and recent episodes on Friday and Saturday nights in one of the theatres. On Friday night we have a special session called “The Matrix”: Ask any question you want, try and stump the panel of experts. On Saturday night we’ll be hosting Gallifrey Game Night. We’ll also have a table where you can learn all about TimeGate 2015 and buy your memberships.

For more information, visit http://www.anachrocon.com/