Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about WHOlantaand not sure where to start or what to ask? More items will be added as we get closer to the convention.

When is the next WHOlanta?
May 5-7, 2017

What is there to do at WHOlanta?
There are fan panels, Q&A’s with the guests, a cabaret, a masquerade, a dealers room, plus so much more! You’ll see your favorite Doctor Who cosplay and some obscure Doctor Who cosplay.

What if I need help at the convention?
We have the WHOlanta Informational Services Desk centrally located to answer all of your questions. If you need the lost and found, need directions, or need disabilities services, visit the information desk.

How do I stay up to date with news about WHOlanta?
In addition to our website, check out our Facebook Page, our Facebook Group, our Facebook Event Page, our Twitter Page, or our Instagram Page.

Will there be an app this year?
Yes, we are working hard on this year’s WHOlanta app, which will be available for download through the Apple App Store and Google Play.

How much is pre-registration for WHOlanta?
Pre-registration is only $45 (through December 31, 2016) and gives you access to the convention the entire weekend.

Where do I pre-register?

How much is registration at the door?
Weekend registration for TimeGate is $65 at the door.

How much is registration if I just want to go for the day?
Coming soon. Single day passes will be available in January.

I pre-registered! Where do I get my badge?
Once you’ve pre-registered for your badge, come to the Registration table in the Marriott lobby to pick up your badge. Bring your confirmation email and a photo ID for verification.

Photos & Autographs
Pre-orders will go up in early 2017. Autograph and Photograph sales will also be sold on-site.

I pre-ordered my autographs and photo-ops online. What do I do now?
Take your confirmation email and a photo ID to the WHOlanta Store (located by Main Programming) to pick up your ticket. Take your ticket, during your assigned time (if applicable), to the Photo Ops/Autograph area and finish your journey.

Where is the hotel?
The hotel is located at 2000 Century Blvd NE, Atlanta, GA 30345

How much are rooms at the hotel?
Rooms are $99 + tax a night

How can I book my hotel room for the convention?
At this link: Marriott Century Center Hotel Reservation Only book at the link provided. If you book through anywhere else, we can’t guarantee the $99 room night.

Does the hotel have a shuttle?
The hotel has a shuttle that travels in a 5 mile radius. This includes local eateries and the local Kroger grocery store.

What restaurants are available at the hotel?

What is the con suite?
The con suite is a place for you to grab a snack between panels. It’s open to anyone with a WHOlanta badge except during the Immortal dinner on Friday evening (6PM-7PM). Theresa runs the con suite. Be nice to her.

Is there a place to eat in the hotel?
Con attendees will have access to the Con Suite all weekend to grab a snack between panels. The hotel also has a restaurant as well as a shuttle that can take you to local eateries.

Dealers Room
What’s for sale in the dealers room?
Everything from toys to collectibles to handcrafted goods, you’ll find something for everybody in the dealers room.

What are the hours for the dealers room?

What if I want to be a dealer?
Dealer room registration will open soon.

What is the cabaret?
The cabaret consists of acts from our guests, varying from musical to comedic.

When is the cabaret?
The cabaret is Saturday night of the con.

How much is the cabaret?
The cabaret is $5 and all proceeds to charity. Purchase your tickets at the WHOlanta store.

What is the Masquerade?
Individuals and group costumes welcome! Come up on stage to show off your amazing costume or put together a funny and action-packed skit with your friends! We’ll limit skits to 5 min each (the shorter the better so that we can include as many entries as possible).

When is the Masquerade?

What if I want to be in the masquerade?
Submissions for the masquerade will be opened soon.

WHOlanta 2017
I’m really excited for WHOlanta 2018. Can I buy my tickets for next year at this year’s con?
Yes. Yes, you can.

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