Directors: Adam Throne,
Room: Dunwoody 2

If it’s not Doctor Who and it’s not British, you’ll find it in our OtherWorlds Portal! Star Trek, Star Wars, comics (print, television and movies), modern and classic SF (Battlestar, Lost in Space, Aliens, whatever is happening in theaters each year), gaming, Disney, and many other topics can be found in the Portal’s ever-changing line-up!


6:00 – Welcome to the Otherworlds
Welcome to Otherworlds, where we’ll discuss strange worlds, new life, and new civilizations…basically topics from Avengers Mansion to Gotham and  everything under the Tatooine suns that doesn’t have a British accent.! Our welcome wagon train to the stars will feature speculation, trivia for prizes, and more!

7:00 – A Girl and Her Droid: A Tribute to Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker
Most everyone who loves Star Wars fell in love with a certain blue astromech droid and his plucky Princess owner. Pretty much everyone who loves Star Wars also fell for the people who played them. Come reminisce and celebrate the lives and contributions of Kenny Baker and Carrie Fisher.

8:00 – Franchise Reboots, Remakes, and Remixes: Oh My!
Teenage Turtles, Transformers, GI Joe and some guy named Dirk; Power Power Rangers, JJ Verse, are reboots getting good or worse? For an hour we’ll discuss Franchise reboots: Gold or Mush?

9:00 – Logan: The Last X-Man Movie Standing
The X-Men film franchise has closed on a high…or has it? Come talk about the 9 film saga that began in 2000 and ushered in an era of big screen superheroes. Is this really the last of Logan and his friends? What’s in the future for the X-Franchise?

10:00 – Ridley Returns: Alien Covenant/Blade Runner 2
The thought of an Alien prequel made us drool, but the final product left a taste of black goo in our mouths, Conversely, few think you can go back to the Blade Runner universe, but clips and sneak peaks are turning heads. Can Ridley Scott do right with a “proper” Alien prequel/Prometheus follow-up, and can he replicate the magic of Replicants?

11:00 – Hail to the King: The Many Masks of Bruce Campbell
From Evil Dead to Hercules and Xena to Brisco County, Jr., we love Bruce! Come hail the king and give us some sugar as we celebrate all things Bruce.


10:00 – Disney/Pixar
What do we think of recent Disney hits and what wonders does the House of Mouse have in store for the future? A kid-friendly discussion of all things Disney.

11:00 – All Things DC
From the world’s greatest superheroes to a recent 52-pick-up in the 4-panel world to a triumphant comics Rebirth and TV crossover to a stalled and gasping film series, DC has always faced fits and starts, but we continue to love it. Come hear why.

12:00 – All Things Marvel
Forty years after a sci fi film adaptation singlehandedly saved the House of Ideas, Marvel is king in Hollywood. What lies ahead for phase three and can the Distinguished Competition catch up?

1:00 – Gaming Panel
Ever wanted to roleplay, but didn’t know where to begin? Interested in card games but confounded by the cartoon images? Our panelists will guide you through the history and how to’s of gaming, including a look at the latest version of D&D and more.

2:00 – 40 Years of Star Wars
A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

3:00 – Star Trek: The Next Generation at 30
Gene Roddenberry believed he could catch lightning in a bottle again–and he was right. Join us for a celebration of the series that started with naysayers and ended up reinventing not only the Trek franchise but American TV as we know it.

4:00 – Sci Fi Films @30: Robocop, Predator, Spaceballs, Lost Boys, Running Man, Lethal Weapon, Princes Bride, Masters of the Universe and more
Our annual retrospective looks back at genre films that were either box office  hits or fondly remembered 30 years ago, in 1987.

5:00 – Characters You Love to Hate and Hate to Love
Who are our favorite villains and least favorite heroes? What makes for a strong protagonist and antagonist? And why should we care?

6:00 – Star Wars Expanded Universe Version 2.0
Now that the dust has settled and many beloved Star Wars “EU” characters have crossed over into the new “Disney” Star Wars continuity, how do we feel? And is Disney doing justice to the old guard of fans with its TV shows and spin-offs?

7:00 – 20 Years of Buffy
We celebrate 20 years of the show that empowered girls and women…once more, with feeling.

8:00 – Marvel vs. DC Cinema Universe
It’s the ultimate smack down! Not only will we talk about what makes DC or Marvel film characters work (or not) but we’ll size them up against each other in our own version of “DC vs. Marvel.”

9:00 – Star Wars (1977) film screening
Celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of the greatest Science Fantasy films ever with a viewing of the unaltered original, the way it was meant to be seen.

11:00 – Stuff You Can’t Talk About Before 11 PM
A lively discussion between adults about all things Sci Fi now that little Padawan Annie has gone to bed.

12:00 – Needless Things Presents: Toy Stories
Everyone has a toy story. Join Phantom Troublemaker and a selection of special guests as they share reminiscences about the playthings they grew up with. Each speaker will present a tale attached to a specific toy from their life. Members of the audience will be asked to share as well, so be sure to bring that Dapol Master or Dalek with the missing eye stalk or pristine Martha Jones doll that you can’t bear to take out of the box.


10:00 – Live Action Disney and Other Live Action Fantasy
The success of live action fantasy films has inspired Disney to bring the live-action treatment to many of its classic animated tales: Sleeping Beauty, Jungle Book, and now Beauty and the Beast. Modernised retellings of art or pointless exercises? Should Hollywood be investing in adaptations of lesser known fantasy (ala “The Princess Bride”) instead?

11:00 – Atari’s 40th Anniversary Celebration
From Space War and Pong to vector graphics, from 2600 to Atari Flashback, we love Atari! Come learn more about the history of the one-time video game giant as we celebrate, dispel a myth or two, and maybe even engage in a videogame challenge!

12:00 – Geek Guide to Atlanta 2.0
What new and old favorite hot spots can geeks find in the Atlanta area? From comic shops to geek bars, Atlanta posseses a treasure trove for genre lovers. ATL, you’ve come a long way, baby!

1:00 – The Past and Future of Star Trek
51 years after its premiere, the impact of Star Trek resonates to this day. What makes the franchise prosper and what does the future hold?

2:00 – Game of Thrones
Blood. Death. Dragons. What more do you want?

3:00 – Star Wars Sorting Hat
Is Director Krennic a Slythern? Is Erza Bridger a Ravenclaw? Is young Han Solo a nerf herder? How do you sort the new and revamped Star Wars heroes from the classic? Come join the discussion as our panelists decide if this is the sorting hat they’re looking for.

4:00 – Sci Fi in a Post Truth Age
Science and fiction have merfed in a way we’ve never anticipated. What’s past is present, and what’s present is…weird, wondrous, and wild. Join us for an engaging talk about how changes in technology and society have caught up with the genre…or is it the other way around?

5:00 – TV Sci Fi: Westworld, Stranger Things, Dark Matter, Expanse, Man in High Castle, Mr. Robot
We end the convention with a bang as we look at modern Sci Fi TV: What it holds and where it’s going.