Literary Programming

Director: Sue Phillips
Room: Decatur 1

If you love to read, we’ve got a home for you! From classic literature to the newest authors and most recent hit books, from adult to teen, we cover written SF and Fantasy from every angle and for every age group. We always have lots of great authors on our Guest list, so you can hear from the pros on what they read and how they write!

6:00 – Traditional Publishing vs Indie Publishing
Is one better than the other? Why or why not?

7:00 – Women Writers: Does it matter?
Does it really matter whether a writer is female or male if it’s a good story?


12:00 – Young Adult Literature
There are good examples of YA Lit on both sides of the pond. We discuss the best..and maybe the worst.

1:00 – Research: You Gotta Do It
Research has to happen no matter whether you’re trying to find out what was eaten at state dinners in the middle ages or what a particular myth is all about. We’ll discuss the best ways of doing things.

4:00 – Creating Languages
Many works have created languages for their characters. We will find out what goes into this process and create one of our own, learning to say a simple phrase.

6:00 – Genre Blending: Good Thing or Abomination?


1:00 – Writing a series
What does it take to keep a series going?

2:00 – Series here, series there: Where are the single novels?
Everywhere you turn there are series. Is it really the stories that demand them or just a desire to make money?