Doctor Who Programming

Directors: Ashley Raburn, Martin Hennessee
Room: Peachtree


6:00 – “Doctor Who Reanimated!”

7:00 – “We Are Family”
The idea of “family” in Doctor Who has a long and complicated history, from the family unit of the first season, to the UNIT family, to the squabbling siblings of Davison’s era, to the difficult relationships with their mothers portrayed by Ace, Rose, Martha and Donna.

8:00 – “New Season So Far”
We’re halfway through Capaldi’s final series as the Doctor – join us for a review of the stories so far and a non-spoilery look ahead at what’s to come.

9:00 – Gridlock vs The Macra Terror
In 1967, the crab-like Macra lumbered across our screens, only to be wiped from the BBC archives. 40 years later they made a surprise return in Gridlock.10 years on, let’s look at the surprising thematic links between the two tales.

10:00 – From Sunnydale to Gallifrey: Doctor Who in the Whedonverse
When bringing Doctor Who back to television in 2005, writer/producer Russell T Davies chose Buffy The Vampire Slayer as his model of how to fuse soap opera style domestic drama with high fantasy. Let’s look at how Rose and Jackie mirror Buffy and Joyce, how Ten took “lonely god” lessons from Angel, and how Torchwood, Sarah Jane and Class all modeled themselves on aspects of the Whedonverse.

11:00 – VIDEO – “Gridlock” (Open Mic)
Share your thoughts on talking cats, traffic jams, giant crabs and the Face of Boe as we screen 2007’s “Gridlock.”


10:00 – “Sarah Jane Adventures: 10 Years”
On the 10th Anniversary of the debut of the CBBC spinoff, let’s look back on the good times we had on Bannerman Road and remember the life and career of Elisabeth Sladen.

11:00 – Chicks Write Time Lords
Though the bulk of Who authors have been men, some of the series’ most iconic scripts came from women. Let’s have a look at the on-screen work of Barbara Clegg, Catherine Tregenna, Helen Raynor and Sarah Dollard, and the novels, comics and audios by Jacqueline Rayner, Lloyd Rose, and Kate (The Great) Orman.

12:00 – The Return of Dr. Mysterio Review
It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…the Doctor Who Christmas special!

1:00 – The Many Fates of Six & Peri
Few Doctor Who characters ended their time with as much ambiguity as the Sixth Doctor and Peri, with very different destinies awaiting them on TV, on audio, and in print. On the flip side, Mel is the only companion (apart from Susan) with no official origin story. Let’s sort through the tangled timelines from the Classic Series, Target and BBC Books, and Big Finish!

2:00 – VIDEO – “Love & Monsters”
Don’t bring me down, Grooss!

3:00 – Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps): Folkloric Creatures in Who
Legendary monsters like werewolves, vampires and mummies – not to mention the Yeti and Loch Ness Monster – have crept their way into the Doctor Who universe, often in wildly mutated forms. Let’s have a look at the ways the series shapes these iconic creatures into cosmic menaces!

4:00 – The Three-Fourths Doctor
Tom Baker’s Doctor is iconic – but which Doctor? The moody Hinchcliffe version, the manic Williams version, or the somber JNT version? We’ll compare and contrast the three distinct flavors of Baker!

5:00 – 30 Years of the Real McCoy
30 years ago this September, the impish Sylvester McCoy made his debut as the Doctor. After a shaky start he soon established himself as one of the most popular Doctors, whom we’ll celebrate with a look at his TV episodes, novels and Big Finish appearances.

6:00 – Big Finish 2016 Releases
An overview of the many Big Finish releases in the past year, including the Sixth Doctor’s official (?) last adventure, the audio debut of Camille Coduri’s Jackie, and the final appearance of John Hurt as the War Doctor.

7:00 – VIDEO: “The Faceless Ones” 1 & 3
Episode 5 of this classic Troughton serial was broadcast 50 years ago today, so we’re screening the only two remaining episodes of this classic tale.

8:00 – VIDEO: Whose Doctor Who?
Just over 40 years ago, on April 3, 1977, BBC-2 broadcast the very first documentary about the Doctor Who phenomenon. This excellent show talks to young fans, parents, and child psychologists about the appeal of the program, and is illustrated with clips of all the Doctors as well as behind the scenes footage of “The Talons of Weng-Chiang.”

10:00 – New Episode Post-Screening Discussion

11:00 – VIDEO – “Mindwarp” (Open Mic)



10:00 – The Next Daleks! …or Not
Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen…they’re the A-List of Doctor Who monsters. But what about the Voord, the Slitheen and the Kraals? Come feel the love for Doctor Who‘s less famous, if still fearsome, foes.

11:00 – Oncoming Storm Podcast: Broader & Deeper (The New Adventures)
TOS is reaching the end of its survey of the New Adventures novels of the 1990s. Come join a podcast recording looking back on this long-running and influential book line.

12:00 – Pixel Who
PixelWho started in late 2010, focusing on creating a complete visual character dictionary and episode guide for Doctor Who fans in limited edition 8-bit style art prints. In addition, PixelWho has provided artwork for the popular app-based game Doctor Who Legacy. Come heare their story and find out what other projects they have coming up on the horizon.

1:00 – The Chris Chibnall Panel
Taking a look at the work of incoming producer Chris Chibnall, whose credits include Life On Mars and Broadchurch as well as Torchwood and Doctor Who. What might we expect from the Chibnall era?

2:00 – Timegate! Gallifrey’s Greatest Crimes & Cover-Ups
The high and mighty Time Lords of Gallifrey sell themselves as the impartial arbiters of history – but a closer look reveals a society that produces evil masterminds at an alarming rate, and a government rife with conspiracies and cover-ups. Let’s look at the stories that THEY don’t want you to know!

3:00 – Why I Stayed – Sexism in Doctor Who
The “Doctor Who Girls” have always been a much more proactive and forward-looking group of women than they’re usually given credit for. But sometimes the series is a mess of gendered violence and Whosplaining, especially in the problematic pairing of Peri and Six. Let’s talk it out!

4:00 – Who’s Next?
Capaldi is leaving, so the bets are on for who’ll pilot the TARDIS next! Come share your hopes and fears for who might play the next Doctor!

5:00 – VIDEO – “Aliens of London”

6:00 – VIDEO – “WWIII”