Director: Kim Holec
Room: Decatur 1

Calling all Cosplayers! Come meet other costumers and get great tips on new techniques, new angles, and learn more about prop-making, costume design, construction, etc. And enter our Masquerade to show off your hard work!


8:00 – New Who Cosplay
New Who cosplayers discuss costuming in the new era of Doctor Who (2005-)

9:00 – Professor Satyre’s Sci-Fried Sideshow
Comedy in costume!

10:00 – Who’verse Crafts
Knitters and crafters share their past/present projects.

10:00 – Classic Who Costuming, Part One
Our Classic Who era costumers talk about the issues of that era’s costuming.

11:00 – The Companions’ Closet: the Tyler family
Love the Tylers, Rose, Jackie, Pete, and even Mickey Smith? We talk about their costumes!

3:00 – Big Finish Costumes
Cosplaying as a BFA character.

10:00 – The Doctor’s Wardrobe: The Sixth Doctor
Here’s how to costume as the Sixth Doctor!

11:00 – The Propmakers
See what recent projects our propmakers are up to.

12:00 – An Interview with Angela Pritchett
Filmmaker, Costumer, make-up artist, cooking, and more!

3:00 – Costumes Inspired By the Whoniverse
Just what it says on the tin!

4:00 – Classic Who Costuming, Part Two
More about costuming in the Classic Who Era, with different panelists from Saturday.