British Programming

Directors: Mark Heffernan, Robert Lloyd
Room: Dekalb
If it’s British but not Doctor Who, you’ll find it here! The British Pub Portal covers British television and film, both classic and new, with panels and events on topics such as Bond, Top Gear, the costume dramas, music (we’ve done panels on Bowie, the Beatles, the Spice Girls, etc), classic SF like The Thunderbirds, Blake’s 7, Space:1999, and more) and we even find time to cover British History (our 2016 panels on the two World Wars were a big hit). But our most popular continuing panel, which began in 2015, has to be Ask A British Person! Any question you’ve always wanted to ask about British life and culture can be answered!


6:00 – The Animated Tolkien
Forty years ago and before Peter Jackson, the Hobbit was released as an animated film. We discuss that film, along with the animated films based on the Lord of the Rings.

7:00 – Dirk Gently – Holisitic Detective
Based on the Douglas Adams’ novels, we take a look at BBC America’s “Dirk Gently’s Holisitic Detective Agency”

8:00 – Red Dwarf XI – The Verdict
We review the latest series of Red Dwarf episodes. Come and hear our verdict!

9:00 – British vs American Television
Come and explore the similarities as well as the differences between American and British television.

10:00 – Broadchurch – A Review
Our review of the ITV and BBC America mystery series Broadchurch, starring David Tennant and Olivia Colman.

11:00 – The Prisoner – 50th Anniversary
Fifty years ago, Number Six awoke a prisoner in the Village. Come celebrate this grounbreaking television series on its 50th anniversary.


10:00 – The Cursed Child
The script to the play “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” was one of the most anticipated book releases of 2016. Was it a worthy successor to the Harry Potter novels?

11:00 – Beyond the War Doctor – the life and career of John Hurt
Before John Hurt portrayed the War Doctor, he had already had a very successful acting career. We honor John Hurt, who sadly passed away earlier this year as we take a look back at his career and his many acting roles in film and television.

12:00 – Class Ep. 1 – “For Tonight We Might Die”

1:00 – Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find the Review
We review the first film in the Fantastic Beasts series of films, prequels to the Harry Potter series of books which featured a screenplay wholly written by J.K. Rowling.

2:00 – Class Ep. 2 – “The Coach With the Dragon Tattoo”

3:00 – Poldark of Cornwall
Our look at the hit BBC One series about a veteran of the American War of Independence returning to his home in Cornwall.

4:00 – Outlander Season Two Review
We review the second season of the hit Starz series Outlander, and its build up to the climatic battle of Culloden.

5:00 – Victoria…
Iconic British Queens – Part One. We discuss the recent adaptation of Victoria’s early years as the Queen, starring Jenna Coleman as the titiular Queen Victoria.

6:00 – …and The Crown
Iconic British Queens – Part Two. Queen Elizabeth II, portrayed by Claire Foy, and the story of her early reign in the award winning Netflix television series The Crown.

7:00 – Class Ep. 3 – “Nightvisiting”

8:00 – Class Ep. 4 – “Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart”

10:00 – Remembering Sacha Dzuba


9:00 – Church Service

10:00 – Class Ep. 5 – “Brave-ish Heart”

11:00 – Ask a Brit
Our popular Ask a Brit panel returns for a third year. Come and ask our panel of Brits about (almost) anything in regards to British life and culture.

12:00 – Inspectors Morse and Lewis
To honor Colin Dexter, the creator of Inspector Endeavour Morse, we take a look at the three television series based on Colin Dexter’s creation – Inspector Morse, Lewis and Endeavour

1:00 – Class Ep. 6 – “Detained”

2:00 – Neil Gaiman, American Gods and Anansi Boys
Two works of Neil Gaiman are being adapted for television. How are the adaptations of American Gods and Anansi Boys and how do they compare to the source books? Would you like to see more Gaiman television adaptations?

3:00 – British Myths and Legends – From Arthur to Robin Hood
We take a look at the mythical heroes and history of Britain, in particular King Arthur and Robin Hood, and their many portrayals over the years in cinema and on television.

4:00 – Sherlock Series Four – the Review
We review the latest series of the BBC series Sherlock. Was it worth the wait?

5:00 – Class Ep. 7 – “The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did”

6:00 – Class Ep. 8 – “The Lost”